Getting ready to launch!

We are super busy behind the scenes tweaking and making sure that everything is 100% before we open our doors! The launch day champagne is on ice, not long to go now!

Handmade selling platform promising to be an all-British Etsy launches with a bang on firework night

Hampshire, 00/00 – A NEW handmade selling platform has launched with a bang – hoping to be an all-British take on Etsy. BuyIndie launched on Saturday, November 5, opening its doors to buyers and sellers. The platform allows independent handmade sellers across the UK to advertise and sell their wares without paying listing fees or commission. [...]

Press inclusion in Fashion’s Finest

A great write up in this online magazine

How Crafting Can Help Mental Health

Mental Health and Depression In this post I am going to talk about how crafting has helped me manage my depression but before I get into the crafting part, I want to give some background and why advocating for mental health is so important to me.  Fizzy Pop Metaphor Think of yourself as a fizzy […]

Traveller Notebooks and Mindful Journalling

What is a travel journal? What is a travel journal and why do you need one? Read on to find out how a pocket-sized planner will be your best travelling companion.   I have always kept a journal and even in our now ‘tech age’ I still enjoy the tactile process of writing. Sarah Lou […]

How Hiking Mitts Can Help You On Adventures

Hiking Mitts I have been adventuring since I was a child, from an active and creative family. Alongside adventures with Guides, Duke of Edinburgh and Scouting, comes a love of craft making. As a parent and multiple dog owner when adventuring I wanted gloves to keep my hands warm but had to keep removing them […]


What is Hallmarking and How Does it Affect Your Jewellery? Hallmarking is a process that ensures the purity of gold and precious metals in jewellery.  A hallmark is an official mark either stamped or applied by laser on a piece of jewellery that indicates its quality, fineness, and origin. By looking for visible hallmarks on […]

The magic of eco printing

I’ve never met anyone who could explain the science of Eco Printing.  But ask any Eco Printer what they understand the process to be and the answer is usually “Magic!”  It doesn’t seem possible that it could work yet it does – mostly.  Sometimes it doesn’t work: two items made at the same time with […]

And the answer

This is the silk scarf which I showed being laid out in my previous blog.  It’s still available for sale.